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HD Online Player (kamasutra 3d Movie In Hindi 2013 Dow)




This movie is a remake of the 2003 movie of the same name (re-titled Kamasutra 3D). It has been dubbed and released in Hindi as Kaamchori. Plot In a zoo in Mumbai, a man on a motorcycle is pulled over by the police. The police officer searches him, but is interrupted by a loud bang as he attempts to search the vehicle. The officer is shot by a man who then immediately drives away with the motorcycle. A large number of different men are seen running out of a compound. The police arrive and begin their search. They soon learn that one of the men they are looking for is the murderer of the motorcycle officer. The officer gives chase. After a brief chase, the thief escapes from the officer. The thief then tries to evade the police by car, but is shot and killed by the police officer. The police discover the dead man is "Giri", a skilled but ineffectual con artist. The police are about to kill Giri's girlfriend, Rajni. Giri returns and stops the police from shooting her. Giri then has a nervous breakdown and informs the police that he knows about their murders and the rapist of the woman they have been trying to find. He also reveals that he is in debt to the gang for a job he did that was later found out to be fraudulent. Giri says he is prepared to give them his information in exchange for an antidote for Rajni. The police give Giri a certain antidote and a syringe of antidote and ask him to stay away from Rajni. Giri agrees and leaves. Giri visits Rajni's apartment, and sees a man who tells him he can help him gain control of the gang. A few days later, Giri is released from prison. He meets the gang's leader, who is revealed to be named Gorilla. He pays for a job of which Giri performs below standards. Giri uses the money he made to buy a puppy, which he names "Kama" (sometimes spelled "Kamma"). Giri finds the task of feeding the puppy is more difficult than he expected, but Giri manages to succeed. Giri, Kam and Giri's girlfriend, Alisha, go to a bar. Alisha introduces Giri to a man she knows. Giri later meets with Alisha. She introduces him to a new man she is seeing, and Giri finds this disrespectful to Kam. G



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HD Online Player (kamasutra 3d Movie In Hindi 2013 Dow)

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